Too Many Vacancies and Not Enough Resources to Get It Done?

Budget season, year end or just plain getting through a global pandemic can bring about great plans for the businesses future with each department creating their wish list of positions to be filled ASAP.  However, what about the department responsible to do the job posting, recruiting, interviews and onboarding of these new hires, not to mention all the vacant spots already in the organization?

Sound familiar? Have you ever taken a 100,000-foot view of your Talent Acquisition process??  Currently wondering what that last sentence even means???  Let me introduce you to SIPOC.

A SIPOC can be a great tool to allow the TA or HR department to start to examine their value stream. Here is a sample generic template that can give you a head start on what your top 5-7 process steps are as well as who supplies what to the customer (internal and external) for each of the steps.

Sample Talent Acquisition SIPOC

Key pieces of information some may omit are the Critical to Quality and Safety information without which you may not end up with what or who you really need. Once complete for your specific business, you will have a high level “map” that shows you who your key stakeholders are (suppliers and customers) along each step in the process.

You can then identify which process step is your current bottleneck or area for biggest opportunities or use this as your starting point to then dive deeper into developing a value stream map with the team. Once you have your process laid out you can then take an objective look at areas for improvement that will have a direct impact to your customers and your profits.

You are not alone and if you would like to discuss your unique situation, book a call today and we can review and get you on the road to getting more successful hires into your organization.

Roberta Rose

I’m your data driven, on-demand productivity consultant. I’ve been a Six Sigma Black Belt since 2001. As an ENFJ, I’ve been told I’m tenacious and strategic. I’ve always been driven to find the best ways to do quality and safety better, faster, and easier. I see possibilities where others see roadblocks. My passion, optimism, and high expectations means I’m ready to help your company leverage its time, money, and resources. We’ll create a coordinated effort to move the needle on the metrics that will drive results and improve your bottom line.

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