New Year, New Targets got you Stumped?

  • Have you been able to remove Friction, Confusion and Underperformance from your organization?
  • Have you assessed the CAMS of your current annual strategy – are things Concise, Aligned, Measurable and Supple?

If you answered No to either of the above, you are not alone, and we can help.

Stumped Strategic Consulting was developed as an opportunity to help organizations reach their full capability. Most organizations struggle to find an experienced, inside player who can competently take the lead and improve their operations. With Stumped Strategic Consulting you will get an on-demand, data-driven productivity influencer to help you increase your overall performance, profits, and employee morale.

 If you are looking for someone driven to solve difficult problems, we would love to discuss your current journey and opportunities around Strategy Deployment, Performance Management, Process Excellence and High-Performance Teams.


The key is aligning the details of your Purpose, Vision and Mission, with your shorter-term goals of annual Strategy and Objectives (OKRs) to allow efficient and effective project Prioritization, Execution and Accountability.

Let us help you with that!

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Roberta Rose

I’m your data driven, on-demand productivity consultant. I’ve been a Six Sigma Black Belt since 2001. As an ENFJ, I’ve been told I’m tenacious and strategic. I’ve always been driven to find the best ways to do quality and safety better, faster, and easier. I see possibilities where others see roadblocks. My passion, optimism, and high expectations means I’m ready to help your company leverage its time, money, and resources. We’ll create a coordinated effort to move the needle on the metrics that will drive results and improve your bottom line.

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