Data Bites #1 – Stumped Strategies OpEx and CI Assessment Tool

Welcome to our first installment of Data Bites – Turning Operational Excellence into bite sized pieces of understanding. These sessions will be on the last Thursday of the month for 25 minutes so please feel free to eat and/or smile while we chat. Lets talk about our Assessment Tool.

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Roberta Rose

I’m your data driven, on-demand productivity consultant. I’ve been a Six Sigma Black Belt since 2001. As an ENFJ, I’ve been told I’m tenacious and strategic. I’ve always been driven to find the best ways to do quality and safety better, faster, and easier. I see possibilities where others see roadblocks. My passion, optimism, and high expectations means I’m ready to help your company leverage its time, money, and resources. We’ll create a coordinated effort to move the needle on the metrics that will drive results and improve your bottom line.

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