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On-Demand Productivity Consulting for Manufacturing Companies

Most manufacturing company owners struggle to keep an experienced player inside their organization who can competently take the lead and improve your operations. Having someone who can challenge, champion, and take charge with an objective perspective is key to growing your company.

Are you confident your organization is taking all the required steps to ensure you are operating at maximum capacity?

What You'll Get When You Partner with Stumped Strategic Consulting to Improve Your Operations:

  • Increased Profits
  • Identification of Inefficiencies
  • Meeting Customer Demand
  • Reduction of Defects
  • Increased Employee Morale
  • Standard Work Processes
Stumped Strategic Consulting with Roberta Rose in Halifax, NS

I’m Roberta Rose.

I’m your data driven, on-demand productivity consultant. I’ve been a Six Sigma Black Belt since 2001. As an ENFJ, I’ve been told I’m tenacious and strategic. I’ve always been driven to find the best ways to do quality and safety better, faster, and easier. I see possibilities where others see roadblocks. My passion, optimism, and high expectations means I’m ready to help your company leverage its time, money, and resources. We’ll create a coordinated effort to move the needle on the metrics that will drive results and improve your bottom line.

My credentials include:

  • 24+ years of Safety, Quality, Leading Change and Balanced Scorecard experience
  • 21+ years coaching, training and implementing six sigma and lean concepts across Operations, Information Technology, Logistics, Maintenance and Support functions.
  • Implemented cross functional communication in diverse industries including forestry, government, private and global public sectors

Recognized By:

Sobey School of Business at SMU
6 Sigma

Here’s How to Get Started:

Step One: Identify Your Obstacles.

We’ll schedule a site visit or a virtual meeting so I can begin to understand the scope of your organization's

Step Two: Find + Fix

We’ll develop a 100k foot meta view of your organization to identify your bottlenecks & develop a roadmap to improve it.

Step Three: Transform Your Organization

Watch profits soar as you reduce defects and increase employee morale all while enhancing the quality of your service.

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Stumped Strategic Consulting with Roberta Rose


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